Breaking the Chaos for Party Planning

It’s getting close to Emma’s 5th birthday party and this time, it’s a lot less stressful. As moms, we try to out do ourselves from previous years or replicate the perfect party/themes we see in Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, I am always up for a challenge, but hate pulling the all-nighters just to get things done with my limited spare time.

The trick is to simplify your party planning. A little less stress, more planning, less doing and at the end of the day, the kiddos are having fun. Here’s what I have learned over the past few years:

  1. Spend more time on dyi projects that you want customized
  2. Spend less time on projects that can be outsourced – if it takes you more time to design/bake/make it, ex. baking a three tiered cake (possible – but not the best use of your time) – leave it to the experts
  3. Research and plan events at venues that will provide catering, set-up and clean up (no need to recruit your family and friends to help – they will thank you!)
  4. Divvy up the cost and combine parties with family and friends – sharing is caring
  5. Plan for the worst and if/when disaster happens, you’ll be thankful that you have a backup plan

All of the above rules applies to any party or event. And if you’re a super mom – then completely ignore the advice – cause you’re the bomb!

This year, Emma and her friend are having a joint birthday at Chuck E’ Cheese. She asked – I obliged. After researching the cost per kid and the addition of food, drinks, etc. for 15 kids and 10 adults, a split for a total cost of $150 each parent is not too shabby. In the past, I have spent over $200+ on decorations, preparing and cleaning my house for guests and purchasing and making food for a single party — and I have three kids! These days, an average birthday party can cost anyone from $500 to $1,000+ and if you’re Jessica Simpson or Kim Kardashian..the world is your oyster.

Sticking to my advice on rule #1, I chose to design the invitations and t-shirts for Emma’s party.



  • T-shirts were purchased via – $4.99 for kids and $6.99 for adults (50% off promo)
  • Invitations were sent for free using It’s also a great tool to manage your invites, send out reminders and you can also text/email your invites.

As a busy mom, here’s some love from me to you — free downloads of the images above so you can easily edit or update in word.

Free JPEG downloadable file:

Free Word Doc file with editable design – for all of my non-design savvy moms – I’ve got you 🙂

Note: Word doc includes all three designs above in each page

Hope these few basic rules will help you with your next party planning.

Thanks again for stopping by. Please provide any feedback or suggestions on topics you would like to see next.


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