Would the real ‘Chrissy Teigen’ please stand up.

Would the real ‘Chrissy Teigen’ please stand up.

I’ve been meaning to follow-up on why I named my blog “VillyPoo“, so here’s my story:

As a Laotian kid, having a first and last name, totaling up to 21 characters can be quite intimidating (Nee: Vilaylack Phoummithone) – yes give it a try! I remember in kindergarten, crying in front of the librarian when she asked me to spell my name. What happened after that? Not quite sure, but let’s just say, I mastered the spelling of my name and so did the rest of my 5th grade class – topping off “Defrancisco” as another hard name to spell!

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Hello again..

As I am slowly navigating the world of blog, I am also learning and discovering all of the intricacies of being a blogger. Setting up your pages, makings sure it’s aesthetically appealing, but most importantly finding the right style and tone for your audience.

Again, ‘hello’ and thanks again for support!

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for any topics you would like to read. As I expand my ‘VillyPoo’ presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I hope that you can come along for the journey.

Here are some life hacks, tips and recipes I’ve written these past few weeks. Enjoy!

Welcome to My Beautiful Chaos

Welcome to My Beautiful Chaos

Hello all…

The last time I wrote anything for fun was in college – and that was over 15 years ago. Now, most of my writing consist of work emails, technical specification documents and reference guides. Since graduation, it’s been a hustle to get into the workforce, climb the corporate ladder and start a family.

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